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On December 15th we are hosting our label night for the second time in the Ateliertheater Vienna. The evening's motto is "Universal-Waschgang".
We are looking forward to mixing up music and performance together with Charlotta Öberg, Maja Karolina Franke and Christian Reiner!

poster Universal Waschgang

Universal Waschgang Poster © Ju Aichinger

Watch the following video to find out which bands are releasing their music on Waschsalon Records. Stay tuned for new releases in 2023!

Stay tuned!


Wasch|sa|lon [ˈvaʃzalɔ̃ː], noun, German (En. = laundromat, launderette)

A community service provided in Vienna social housing complexes. These complexes are characterized by an imposing architectural style, making them largely self-sufficient. In the larger developments, such as the Karl-Marx-Hof, the laundry and bathing facilities are often housed in separate buildings, strategically positioned as “sacral” structures of a sort, and operated by dedicated machinists.

A handful of Vienna-based, forward-looking musicians have taken the liberty of creating an infrastructure of their own, for the purpose of working together to realize their artistic concepts and make them accessible to the public. Absolute stylistic pluralism, subject to no genre restrictions whatsoever, is the collective’s prerequisite.

Everything gets thrown into the washing machine. The highest possible spin velocities are encouraged, but the use of softener is strictly prohibited. Wash cycles calculated on an economic basis, requiring aesthetic compromises, or making concessions to “market logic” are conscientiously avoided. The Waschsalon machinists oppose the use of artificially generated hypes involving trendy soap nuts or similar distractions. Instead, they have pledged themselves to the rigorous use of descaling programs and lint filters, in order to remove fluff and allow a fresh breeze to blow through the machine.
The machinists are firm supporters of the multi-tab method and advocate a community-based, collective organizational structuring of thorough, creative wash cycles. Anything enjoyable, and done with conviction, is allowed.

For washing machines live long lives…


Tobias Vedovelli

Tobias Vedovelli

press photo Lukas Aichinger © Andreas Gnigler; press photo Leonhard Skorupa © Theresa Pewal; press photo Michael Tiefenbacher © Leopold Krenn

upcoming Releases

May 2024

AHL6 - Album III

past Releases

June 15, 2023

Sketchbook Quartet - Kekova

Kekova Cover

Cover Kekova: © Özlem Altinok

May 6, 2022

Enfleurage - Around its Tail

Around its Tail Cover

May 27, 2022

AHL6 - If Life Were A Liquid

If Life Were A Liquid Cover

Cover Enfleurage: image © Elham Fakouri, cover layout © Ju Aichinger; Cover Artwork AHL6 © Ju Aichinger

August 30, 2021

onQ20 - Vol. I&II

onQ20 Cover

August 28, 2021

Ensemble Kuhle Wampe - Kuhle Wampe Extended

Kuhle Wampe Extended Cover

Cover Artwork Ensemble Kuhle Wampe © Ari Ban; Cover Artwork onQ20 © Tobias Vedovelli

March 19, 2021

znap - Boa Boa

znap Boa Cover

May 29, 2020

AHL6 - Thinker Try To Dance

Thinker try to dance Cover

Cover Artwork znap © Ju Aichinger; Cover Artwork AHL6 © Ju Aichinger; Cover Artwork Ensemble Kuhle Wampe © Ari Ban



AHL6 Bandfoto

Ensemble Kuhle Wampe

Kuhle Wampe Bandfoto


Enfleurage Bandfoto


znap Bandfoto

Sketchbook Quartet

sketchbook quartet Bandfoto


onQ20 Bandfoto

press photo AHL6 © Fabian Ressl; Kuhle Wampe art design © Ari Ban; press photo Enfleurage © Franziska Liehl
press photo znap © Theresa Pewal; press photo Sketchbook Quartet © kidizinsane


Sketchbook Quartet - Kekova

AHL6 - If Life Were A Liquid

Enfleurage - Around its Tail

Ensemble Kuhle Wampe - Kuhle Wampe Extended

znap - Boa Boa

AHL6 - Thinker Try To Dance


Waschsalon Records

Lukas Aichinger, Leonhard Skorupa, Michael Tiefenbacher, Tobias Vedovelli




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